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The time for you take care of your teeth is now

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We always end up taking care of our health aside and prioritize other things to the detriment of it. We leave to go to the doctor when we see that we already have some problem and this can be very harmful for us.

I went through this a short time ago when I started to feel a pain in my tooth. I was letting it go until the day I could not eat or drink anything of the pain I was feeling.

As I live in the United States, more specifically in Florida, and I was afraid that everything here would be very expensive in terms of health, but after all, there was no way for me and I had to find a dentist to solve my problem.

I ended up giving the best of luck to find a dental clinic of a Brazilian dentist here in Florida and the service was the same as what I receive in Brazil and it made me much calmer.

minty dental studio

I had a cavity and I had to have a filling to remove the tooth decay, and if I had gone to a dentist before, it would probably have been much simpler to solve my problem.

It was learning and lesson for me to never make that mistake again and leave my health aside, neither dental nor any other part of my body.

If you want to know more about the Minty Dental Dental Clinic, which has literally restored my oral health, click here. This clinic is really worth the visit and now I’m not going anywhere to take care of my oral health because at Minty Dental Studio I had the best care of my life.

If you’re not Brazilian, it’s worth it, but if you go, it’s worth it even more because it’s incredible there. I felt in a Brazilian office and it was great.